“There is no perfect form for you, it doesn’t exist, do your best, and next time, do better. Your goals aren’t set in stone, if you think they can be improved, strive and extend your reach”.

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indian naval academy


The requirement for developing a new methodical 'Physical Training' regimen at INA, to improve the overall physical fitness standards and reduce sports injuries, was initiated by RAdm MD Suresh, NM, Deputy Commandant and Chief Instructor of the INA. Lt Cdr Anil Raina, an officer from the elite Special Force of Indian Navy, presently posted as Squadron Commander at INA, was accordingly tasked by the Deputy Commandant during Spring Term-15. Existing PT Regimen/ Tables of the Indian Navy, Army and the armed forces of USA, UK, Sweden and Sri Lanka, provided the parameters to formulate the design of the new PT regimen. Keeping the general physical fitness standards of cadets across terms and the need for appropriate PT programme, the Tables were designed subsequently. Feasible exercises, required to target major muscle groups, were identified and incorporated in the Tables which went through a number of iterations, refinement and revision, before they were finalized.

The task of taking the ‘scientific process’ on paper to the PT fields of INA was a most arduous task. Two teams of cadets from different terms were identified, one to undertake shooting of supporting videos for all the Tables and the other, to provide the technical support of rendering, mixing and editing the videos. In order to make access to the Tables easy to the tech savvy generation of cadets and instructors alike, the entire PT Training regimen was to be uploaded on a cloud storage, with a website and mobile application created to enable access to cadets and anybody else, even during vacations.

The entire task of designing 106 Tables along with detailed videos was completed entirely through in-house efforts of a small body of cadets, led admirably by Lt Cdr Anil Raina. Cadets had to meet all their regular training requirements during a hectic term packed with various training activities. The entire task was undertaken without any special time given to them. Their enthusiasm and dedication to prepare these Tables is in keeping with the spirit and ethos of the INA, where future naval leadership is shaped. The efforts of Lt Cdr Anil Raina and his team of cadets, are commendable and worthy of special appreciation. Their unstinting hard work shall benefit every future cadet at the INA and others who will use these Tables to enhance their physical fitness.   

team oIc : Lt Cdr Anil Raina

troupers on screen

* Cdt Abhay Raj Singh Patwal    -   90 INAC

                                                            (TEAM LEADER)

* Cdt Neeraj Singh Prashar         -  91  INAC

* Cdt Harshit Pandey                     -  91  INAC

* Cdt Shivam Kandari                    - 93 INAC

* Cdt Saran Kumar                         -  95 INAC

* Cdt Vinay Kumar                          - 95 INAC

* Cdt Sai Krishna                             -  95 INAC 


* Cdt Abhinav Punit                -   90 INAC

                                                       (TEAM LEADER)

* Cdt GeorgeFermin P             -  93  INAC

* Cdt Abhilash S Nair               -  93  INAC

* Cdt Shruti Singh                     -  20  NOC